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Telehealth Appointments

Carolina Pediatrics Telehealth

Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad is currently offering Telehealth appointments to help families consult their doctor without having to come into the office during the current pandemic . This is a virtual visit where parents can use their smartphone, tablet, or computer to talk to their child’s doctor without coming into the office .

Our practice is currently offering Telehealth appointments for:

Fever/Cough/Cold symptoms
Red eyes
Seasonal allergies
Behavior concerns
Developmental concerns
Possible need for therapies (speech/physical/occupational)
Surveillance of chronic medical conditions

We encourage you to contact us to schedule an in-office visit for:

Ear pain/Concern for ear infection
Pain with urination
Sore throat with concern for strep throat
Well child checks

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to learn more about Telehealth appointments with Carolina Pediatrics of the Triad.
Carolina Pediatrics Telehealth